About Pro Staff Sales


  • We plan to convert competitive business and obtain new business. It is our belief, that by utilizing a business plan, we can offer a competitive advantage to the end user with our quality products. This will result in a benefit to the end user, our distributors and the manufacturer.
  • Our goal is to strive to reach a 50% end user call ratio. This philosophy is maintained by a constant contact with our distributors to whom we offer solutions to the existing and new business. By building trust and confidence with our distributors, we can become directly involved in sales growth through strategic planning.
  • It is the philosophy of Pro Staff Sales, Inc. that the manufacturer is best represented by establishing solid relationships with the inside and outside personnel at our distributors, as well as securing strong base relationships with the end users.

Technology & Communications

  • Pro Staff Sales utilizes state-of-the art technology to help us increase sales and profits for our Customers, Manufacturers and our Company.
  • Each Territory Manager has an Apple Iphone and a notebook computer with Internet and email capabilities.
    We use the most efficient software available to fully track and manage our business activities. Microsoft XP, Maximizer Contact Database and MACS Sales Tracking Software allow us to continually update our computers via the Internet with sales data, market data and reports.
  • Our entire sales force is skilled in the development and presentation of a professional Power Point Presentation for seminars and training for customers and end users.
  • Through Internet and email capabilities Pro Staff Sales communicates with Manufacturers and Distributors.
  • Through broadcast emails and faxes we keep Distributors informed of promotions and spiffs from our Manufacturers.
  • We utilize a software program that lists companies in our territory by SIC Code. From this program we can develop sales strategies for specific target accounts with our distributors.

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