Agency Structure

  • Steve Kraft is the current sole principal of Pro Staff Sales.
  • Pro Staff Sales has over 150 years accumulative field sales experience in the industrial/contractor channels.
  • Each individual line is managed and overseen by a product manager responsible for the objectives, business plans and general communications for that line.
  • Account management is the responsibility of the territory salesman working that account.
  • Our company believes our manufacturers are best served by the use of our marketing and business plans.
  • Our principal has a Iphone & an Ipad, as well as laptop computer with Internet and email capabilities to facilitate communications, within our Company or with our Manufacturer’s, to discuss progress, problems or account activity that may effect circumstances in the territory. Pro Staff Sales utilizes the most advanced software technology to manage our customer and sales databases.
  • Our company focus includes a quarterly meeting of all principals and monthly conference calls.
  • Our free and open management technique encourages active and vigorous participation from all employees. We encourage the offering and adoption of a good idea or workable solution to a problem.

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